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PSG College of Technology admission 2020

PSG College of Technology admission 2020

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PSG College of technology is the best college and this college is very impressive.PSG College of technology courses is a easy to learn.

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PSG College of Technology admission 2020


When it includes technical education, some colleges today will maintain an honest perception among the students. Let us examine one such college from the southern part of India. We will consider only the facts. NIRF was established by the school in 1951 for the 2019 ranking PSG College of Technology.

A vision to recognized together of the leaders in engineering education research and application of data.  profit the society PSG is ranked is dropped in number 44 within the NIR F table. despite facing a setback within the rankings. the institution is at the forefront of innovation in technical education college was given the autonomous status in 1978.


it's also accredited by the NEA C with an A grade PSG College of Technology is found at Coimbatore. the closest railroad station is that the Coimbatore Junction which is eight kilometres from the institution.

the closest airport is the Coimbatore International Airport. which is simply five kilometres away ps3's campus spreads over 45 acres of land.  economically utilized for school buildings hostels playgrounds.  gardens research centres are available at each department.

the library has an in-depth collection of book journals and resource is catering to the requirements of scholars research scholars. school members, it's about two and a half lakh books 232 national Journal's.eight international journals and over 23,000 reference books additionally to the present a separate digital library with 60 computers networked with high-speed Internet connectivity. may be additionally available DST provides a separate hostel for boys and girls.


which is managed by wardens and deputy wardens the hostels. well-equipped with all the essential amenities and supply a serene environment for the scholars. the department of education covers a neighbourhood.


5 acres out of which facilities for varied indoor and outdoor sports are available. separate grounds for football hockey cricket basketball and other indoor games are available. also, admission to engineering courses is formed through counselling by Anna University the institution offers 16 ug programs 3 PG integrated programs. which are a 5-year course and 34 PG programs PSG puts up a stimulating intake of numbers totalling? 1140 ug seats 180 PG integrated seats and 482 PG see with an overall student count of 6660 the institution has 65.9 8% boys and 34.0 2% girls pursuing the engineering degrees. 


across all the years there are 6300 and 89 students. Tamil Nadu and 271 students from other parts of India studying. here 93 full-time and 397 part-time students pursue their doctorates and within the previous year seven full-time and thirty-six part-time student. 

The graduated with a PhD degree PSG maintains an honest. graduation percentage across the year's ug graduation. progressed to 87.10%out of which 6.93%  of the scholars opted to travel for higher studies.

the PG integrated program has also shown better improvement compared to the previous year.77.7% of the scholars graduated within the minimum stipulated outing. which 2.3% of the scholars who've gone on for higher studies.PG graduation is maintained consistently. the past years at eighty-one point two five per cent.

1.74% of the scholars have decided to travel for education placements of PSG. aren't needless to say and aren't consistently maintained either. the ug phase means dropped to 61.27% by placing 674 students. the place students would offer a median salary package of three.

5 lakhs once a year PG integrated placements have increased.66.60% compared to previous years 100 and eleven students were placed for a salary package of three. 5 lakhs once a year PG placements were dropped to 32.38% by placing a complete of 91 students place.


students were offered 3.53 lakhs as an annual salary well the 90 reputed nationals. multinational companies visit PSG for campus recruitment annually. a number of the highest recruiters are Accenture.  IBM, Hyundai, HCL, Amazon, Bosch, Siemens, Tata Motors, Deloitte. then forth the research-oriented academician at PSG in tender exceptional education to students PSG has one faculty member for every 13 students.

which is best than most of its peers. most of those teachers are qualified with a doctorate degree. PSG has spent over 31 crows. because the annual cost out of which 81.110  was utilized on the acquisition of latest equipment for laboratories.over 100 and ten crows was spent as annual operational expenditure out.

which 53.5% was spent on the upkeep of educational infrastructure. as sponsored research funds over ten crows were received by the institution .91.85 lakhs were received as consultancy project funds.

PSG organizes various cultural events to exhibit the skills of the scholars aside from the cultural events the college also organizes various technical symposiums national and international conferences.

the institution has shown good improvement within their graduations. however, the location percentages aren't needless to say the SGS placement office conducts pre-placement training like written test and group discussions will show. their desire to enhance their placements within the coming years with of these facts we could see.